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Dreadnought autocannons arms

I always loved the dreadnought, both the stories and the models. Spirits of ancient marines keep fighting in mecanical behemoths. In the game dreadnoughts can play many roles both as fire support and close combat monsters. They come in a variety of versions and armament even if the specific bitz always is hard to get.

I designed these twin linked autocannon arms to build a couple of riflemen dreadnoughts. Especially the right side autocannon was hard to get hold of so I ended up designing my own in 3D and sent them to Shapeways for printing. Many players commented on them and made requests for their own. The easiest way to help them was to make them available to order directly from Shapewys.

Alternative right and left autocannons bitz

The arms fit the standard dreadnought model. You can easily magnetize them if you want to be able to swap armamanent for your needs. The package includes both the right and left arm. Both arms have an extra armor plate which is easy to remove if you prefer that look.

When you recieve the arms they are connected with small sprues. Cut or clip off these with a model knife or a pair of pliers.

The model will be delivered unpainted and you can choose between several different materials.

Shapeways - 3D printing for anyone

If you are new to Shapeways it is a site where you can send your 3D designs and get them printed. An awesome opportunity if you do not have a printer of our own. Many hobbyists and modelers use this and some have opened up their designs so anyone can order them. Shapeways are very professional and ha a great customer service. They will handle everything and make sure you get you prints in time and in one piece. If you have any problem they will help you.

Shapeways have prouction in both US and Europe and usually take 6-10 days to process and ship the order to you.

Shapeways referal code KJZ93

If you have not used Shapeways before you can register and use the code KJZ93 to get 15% discount on your first order. This will also help me contiune designing and test print my models.

Rifleman dreadnought autocannon

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